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At Briggs & Mortimer Property Services, we are proud to offer a complete and comprehensive service which caters to all of yours and your property's requirements.

Briggs & Mortimer Property Services are affiliated with Briggs & Mortimer estate agents. If you're looking to sell your home in Cambridge or Hertfordshire, then we can provide you with sound advice and a professional service.


With Briggs & Mortimer estate agents, we understand the importance of knowing all of your options and our team are on hand to provide you with realistic, honest and jargon-free advice. To speak with us, please pop into our Royston or Cambridge office, or contact us.

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Whether you need snow shovelled from your driveway, or grit laid on a private road, we can help. We offer a prompt and reliable service to ensure that your property and premises are protected during harsher weather conditions.


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